Getting to know Hong Kong



Today we got up early, kuch kuch 10 o’clock, but we left around 11 o’clock the hotel to our first destination of today: Starbucks. Like many as you know, I do not function well without coffee in the morning.

At Starbucks we decided what to see/do today and off we went to our first stop: Clock Tower and the viewing point. The good thing was that it was only at the end of or street. Btw, it was very very hot and sunny. Way beter than when we arrived here.

Once arrived at our destination we had an amazing view over Hong Kong Island and it’s skyline. To be honest; it might be even prettier than NYC’s Skyline.

After some very very touristic photos we took the Star Ferry to Hong Kong Island. Nothing special, it’s a ferry. The ferry was only 3.7$ (0.45€). Once arrived on the Island we noticed a big difference between the two parts. Hong Kong Island is very modern / new and Hong Kong Mainland is older and in a worse state, but they are improving it so we’ll see in 10 years..

After the ferry I had a Subway sandwich, I had to eat one for my lovely friend Irem, we then left to the first mall of that day; IFC Mall. We’ll walking to IFC Mall we saw the second Apple Store which was amazing. It’s the very famous one that is a bridge over a busy road! We of course entered the Apple Store walked around and left.

We left the IFC Mall after an hour and we then took the cute tram which drives through Hong Kong Island, with your octopus card you don’t need cash to pay for public transportation which saves you a lot of time. 

We took the tram to Murray Rd. and from there we walked to the Peak Tram, a tram which would take us all the way to the top of the mountain; but no succes, it was very busy and the wait line was about an hour. Too bad they didn’t care about my Silver Mileage pass here.

Well walking back, on the side against a wall, we same some little doors with the text: “F.S. Inlet” and my lovely lovely boyfriend said very seriously: “oh look, people got their own locker on the side of the building”  Dear Arie, it’s for the firefighters, not for storage.

Oh well, off we went down hill again to the tram to take us to Causeway Bay where we would find a new Mall (Times Square) and Hysan Place (Mall). Once arrived it was very busy and with a lot of Winnie the Pooh going on. You could go in a little exhibition and actually meet Pooh and Tiger in the mall. People, about that meet and greet, it was soooooo efficient. What happened was the following: one lady got the camera from the guest, and bags. She then gave the camera to the one person taking them, the bags to the the person at the exit who gave everything back to the guest who took the picture. It was so effienct and fast, omg. Besides that there was also a little Winnie the Pooh shop and of course an Apple Store.  

After our stop in the mall we walked to Hysan Place, visited an Apple Store (of course) saw a few shops and left for the tram all the way to Pottinger St. at Pottinger st. we would take the Mid Level escalators up the mountain. These are the longest escalators in the world (combined).

We went up by escalators and down walking, a total of 732 steps!

After our trip up, down and up (again) we walked to Hard Rock Cafe, had an amazing meal and then went back to our hotel. This time we went by MTR which is basically the subway system of Hong Kong. People, this is amazing. It’s quick easy and cheap (compared to our prices). Before actually going to the hotel we made a quick pit stop at the Apple Store and then finally went back to the hotel. 

Goodnight Hong Kong, you’re amazing.

– Dani