Rise and shine my lovely, lovely, readers. We woke up early today, around 9.30, to be able to enjoy our day to the fullest.

After leaving our hotel we went straight (HA not possible for us) to McDonalds to have breakfast. Which was only about 10€ for 2 people, love me some Hong Kong prices. At McDonalds we decided to go to the Festival Walk Mall, to visit an Apple Store, and after that come back to Hong Kong for some more sightseeing closer to our hotel. Little did we know…

Once arrived at the Festival Walk Mall we quickly found the Apple Store and ALSO AN ICE SKATING RING! Omg that was so cool, in the middle of the Mall you had a huge ice skating ring where little kids were being trained/prepared to ice skate on the Olympics of 2024!

After some cute “oehh, ahs and that one is cute” we left, visited Hollister (nothing special people, calm yo tittie’s) and eventually sat down at Pacific coffee for about an hour. Over there I found ANOTHER APPLE STORE, and also that the end of our MTR line would lead us to the border of Hong Kong 🇭🇰 and China 🇨🇳 . Because of our curiousity we decided to go that way and see where we would end up.

We left to the next New Town Plaza Mall to find our 5th Apple Store and a big surprise: Snoopy’s World! So Snoopy’s World is basically a little playground for children with some really cool big Snoopy figures, the yellow bus and a little canoe ride (which was closed) after some (illegal) photos and some wandering we went back to the mall, played some games in the Apple Store and then decided to go to the border of Hong Kong 🇭🇰 and China 🇨🇳.

On our way, with the lovely MTR, we saw amazing mountains, little towns, normal villagers people and of course tourists. Once arrived at the last, very, very last stop we then found out that there was nothing to do there. If we wanted to go outside to take some photos of the border we would have to leave Hong Kong officially, go through security and eventually have to come back through border security. So we bassicly never left the MTR station. Oh well, we accepted and just went back to Hong Kong City!

On our way back to Hong Kong we were in doubt if we wanted to go to Disney or just stay around our hotel. Eventually, once arrived at our hotel MTR Station we decided to go to Disney and watch the “Paint the Night” parade. The most amazing, ever made, parade! More about that on Thursday.

We got my Disney-ID, a light jacket and off we went to Hong Kong Disneyland. On our way to SunnyBay way we had some amazing views over Hong Kong. Once at Sunny Bay station we had to change to the Disneyland Resort Line, which is basically a special subway line that goes only between Sunny Bay and Disneyland. The subways are AMAZING, the windows are made from Mickey’s, the handholders are Mickeys, there are bronze figures of all the Charaters, photos of Walt in the subway and very comfy seating. Just how Walt would’ve wanted it.

But people, omg, the MTR station of Disneyland is amazing! It had Sorceryhats as collumns, mickeys everywhere and of course Disney music. After the station we walked towards Disney, saw the amazing Mickey Mouse🐭 wave boarding on top of a whale🐋, while we heard Disney music all over the place. Once arrived at the gates of Disneyland we had to visit Customer Service to recover the tickets, which would be for free because I work at Disneyland. But no luck, there were some problems with my pass, guidelines were not correctly explained, so we then decided to come back a different day and enjoy the park more than for just an hour.

After we left Disneyland behind we went back to Hong Kong Island to find something to eat, because the only thing we eat in the meantime was a little cookie from the station. At central station we found a little restaurant called “Tim Ho Wan” the cheapest one star Michelin in the world! But the lines were, yet again, crazy long.


Because of the tiredness and of course our hunger we went back to the direction of our hotel, after we found out that there was an Outback StakeHouse in our neighborhood. We ended the day with an amazing diner at the steakhouse.

Goodnight my readers, and see ya soon pal! 👋🏼

– Dani