“Are they eating chicken feet?”



Gooooodmorning cute readers, rise and shine its a brand new day!

Today we had a very, very, slow start. We had breakfast at our favorite place; McDonalds, and then decided to check if Beauty and the Beast would play in the Cinema and it did! At 13:05 to be precise.

We bought our tickets, went back to the hotel for a light jacket and returned just in time for the movie. Guys, the movie is amazing! It’s so incredible, I’m probably the last one of you to watch it, but that’s ok! If you haven’t watched it yet, go see it!

After the movie we went to Starbae to drink some coffee and warm up because, just like back home, the cinema was very cold! We decided there that we still had a lot to do, so we should start running.

After our Starbae date we went back tot he pier where we were serveral days ago to take the ferry to Hong Kong Island.  For the people who have never visited Hong Kong nor Asia at all. A little explanation of what Hong Kong looks like.

Below you see a map with Hong Kong. The top part is Hong Kong Mainland which is attached to China. That’s also where we went for some photos of the border what ended up horrible, but oh wel. Below the mainland you see an big island where you can find the big city of Hong Kong and even a theme park. On the left of that island you have another island where you can find Disneyland, the airport and nothing.

After we arrived on Hong Kong Island we went in the Hong Kong Observation Wheel. It was dramatic, it moved too much, the two Chinese ladies inside our cabin kept walking, a lot of wind, stopping, going, stopping again. No fun for me, I do not like ferriswheels. Thank god that it was only 15 MINUTES LONG. 15 freaking minutes.

After our amazing, loving, breathtaking observation wheel we went on the hunt for Elgin St, where we would find “Ho Lee Fuuk” a restaurant Arie really wanted to go too to take a photo. Oh well, on the hunt we went. With some stres because we wanted to eat at Tim Ho Wan, and see the nighttime show “Symphony of lights”.

We took the Mid-Level escalators up the  mountain. Because there we would find Ho Lee Fook! We eventually found it after searching for 15 minutes. Mr.  was happy, and so was I. We quickly left the place to Hong Kong station where Tim Ho Wan was waiting for us. The most cheapest one star Michelin restaurant.  Let’s see if this time we can eat there.

Once arrived at the restaurant there was a short line in front of the restaurant where we waited very patiently. While waiting in line we had to fill in a little paper with what you wanted to eat. But we had no photos and the English text was Google translated. Great….

Once we got a table the food was given to us one by one and oh my, the food, was very special. People…. I’m usually the one trying new things, tasting new things and exploring, but oh my this was special. We had some stuffed bun with pork, rice rolls with pork (THERE WAS NO RICE) and more. I’ll put some photos down here so you can see for yourself.

The ladies next to us had even chicken feet for diner, like complete feet. It looked disgusting, but no idea how it tasted. Very interesting at all. After diner we quickly left to go watch the evening show of Hong Kong “A Symphony of Lights”

Ohmy… People, we arrived at the pier, like down the road from our hotel, and there were a lot of people. Thank god that we found a spot to sit and watch the show. We eventually waited for about 30 minutes and to be honest we weren’t expecting much, but this was very… disappointing. We were expecting a Disney-Dreams kinda show. But no. Instead we got this.

​I mean, I like shows, waiting for shows make me nervous but I’ll still wait and watch it. But this, I won’t even sit for it again even if they change the whole damn show.

After the show we left to our hotel and was our day over. Goodnight readers and see you soon pal.

– Daniel