Mickey Mouse Painted the Night!


Ni Hao,


But first let’s have a lovely breakfast at Oola. This breakfast restaurant was somewhere on Hong Kong Island up a big mountain, people… Its not great to hike a mountain on an empty stomach.

At Oola I ate a Big breakfast and Arie a breakfast wrap with lots of stuffing. The food was amazing, the coffee great and the company good. So we were happy.
After Oola we took the tram to “The Peak” because we still wanted to it but it was waaaaay too busy so we skipped it and got the tram back. We went all the way to the other side of Hong Kong to go see our Big Friend: Big Buddha.

We walked back to the tram took the MTR, which is still amazing and sat down for 30 minutes. Time flies when you’re keeping a blog.

We arrived at Tung Chung and first had a Starbae before queueing up to take the bus up the mountain. The line was only about 30 minutes, not to bad. But then the bus ride itself, we went up the mountain, and down and back up again, we saw little towns, the beach, more mountain and all that while the driver was driving really fast: downhill, and really slow: uphill.

We arrived after a 35 minutes drive in a little town somewhere up in the high mountains of Hong Kong. It was quite, filled with tourist, but also peace. We decided to actually go all the way up and see the Big Buddha up close.

254. That was the number of steps up the Big Buddha…. ohmy, and that with heat and a lot of Chinese people yelling. You gotta love the Chinese. While walking up I photobombed lots of people, even saw an old grandma walking up, and of course children running up like it was nothing. Crazy people.

Once arrived upstairs we walked around the Budha, took some photos, and then went back down. Downstairs we walked around the little town a little bit, saw a big Temple where a people were praying. Which was cool to see, but we were not allowed to take pictures.

​​​ After the temple we bought burn sticks? No clue how they are called in English, but you just burn them and then they give smoke. It was really cool. You had to do the following:

Say your name three times, make a wish and than put them in the sandbox. Really religious, but very cool!

After the Buddha trip we took the bus back to the civilization, on the way I fell asleep so it made the trip shorter 😇

Once arrived we went into an Outlet Mall which was not an Outlet Nall at all, everything was still very expensive! We left the mall quickly and hopt on the MTR to go see my Pal, Mickey Mouse.

Once arrived at Disney we got our free entrance tickets. The funny thing was that the lady was called “Alexa” and my personal assistant at home is also called “Alexa”. Look it up: Amazon Echo. It’s amazing.

At the gates of Disneyland I saw the interviewers. The interviewers are the people that talk to the guest about their experience and such. Exactly the job I do at Disneyland Paris. So I was very exited!

We entered Disney and oh my people. It it is amazing. My first park outside Europe or The US so it was very special. I love it, it’s clean, nice, quite, nicely maintained and very very peaceful with the mountain as a background.

Once arrived at the park we took some photos, walked around and eventually sad down to wait for “Paint The Night”.

“Paint the Night” is amazing. It’s the best parade, until now, that Disney has ever made! A short video:

After “Paint the night” we quickly did the the new attraction of Hong Kong Disneyland: the Iron Man Experience. It is a simulator so I didn’t like it. After the attraction we watched their evening show called “Disney Stars in the Sky”. I liked it but a lot was stolen from our show back at home. Which made it kinda nostalgic.
After the show we left to go back to our hotel because by now it was already 9 o’clock and we still had to pack and eat something.

Once arrived at our station we got a big pizza from Dominos, ate it in the hotel room and quickly after we fell asleep.

Goodnight Hog Mong and see you tomorrow Pal.

– Daniel