Bye Hong Kong, Hello Mickey!



IT’S TIME! Step in time! Omg people we are finally going to Disneyland, the actual main reason of this whole trip!

Btw, Happy Birthday Peet! 🎉✨

We woke up early, 9 o’clock, had breakfast at McDonalds, checked out AND OFF WE WENT TO HONG KONG DISNEYLAND!

We arrived at HKDL around 12:30, we first went to the hotel to check-in and then in to the parks. We’re staying at the Hollywood Hotel. Hong Kong zfisneylabd had a total of 2 hotels, the main Disneyland Hotel and the Hollywood hotel. Right now they are building their third hotel, Explorers Hotel. The hotels are huge here, they have an amazing view over the ocean, the park or Hong Kong!

At check-in I wanted to get an upgrade so I was really, really nice to the lady at the desk. We talked about life in Paris, what I did and how everything works. She was nice, her English was nice which made her really adorable. During the check-in I gave some DLP Parkmaps so she could see our parks too.

After checking we dropped our luggage off at the storage and took the shuttle to the parks. Now it was really time to explorer Hong Kong Disneyland! Omg I was so excited!

Once arrived at the gates we got, yet again, the free entrance tickets and I saw my fellow cast members! They were doing profiles so, of course, I did a profile and was completely different from what we do! They touch the screen with their finger, show the screen, and their computer is very light!

After some talking, some photos and more stickers. Oh yeah, every single cast member has stickers here, so you just ask them and they give it to you! It’s amazing. Sticker collection time!

We then went in to the park, took lots of photos in front of the castle and then went true first attraction, and also a new one for us: Grizzly Crunch. A Big Thunder Mountain type-rollercoaster, it starts very slow but eventually speeds up, goes backwards, shoots you away and all that while going through Geysers! Amazing!

After our first rollercoaster of that day went to the amazing, fantastic, and very well-done attraction: Mystic Manor! Wait what an attraction! It’s a combination of Ratatoullie, with Phantom Manor but this time it has actually dolls, and props, not just screens!  Very nicely done, and the details are, yet again, amazing!!

After the attractions we just kept walking through the parks, did Winnie the Pooh the story, whatched the SpringTime parade which was so cool! It has a very upbeat song, cool characters and a lot of dancers. Disneyland Paris, take notes!

After the parade we did my dad’s favorite ride: It’s A Small World and quickly after followed the amazing show: Mickey and the Wonderous book. It’s a combination of Mickey and The Magaicn, with Mickey’s Magical Map! Very cool, all the songs were in English (Like it should). What I’m surprised about is that they use a lot of effects here, the lighting is done really nicely, the smoke, it’s just all perfect!

In between we eat something quick, because we had so little time but so much to do! After the shows and some more rides we watched “Paint The Night” OMG ITS AMAZING I LOVE PTN! ✨🎉 We watched the parade all the way at the beginning so that way, went it was done at our side, we could run to the entrance of the park to watch the whole parade again! I LOVE PAINT THE NIGHT! Did I mention that yet?

After “Paint The Night” we did Hyperspace Mountain, it’s like SpacdMountian but then with Star Wars……….. I don’t like Star Wars. But the ride was cool!

After the rollercoaster we quickly did Buzz Lightyear, ALL ALONE! There was no once in the attraction, it’s so cool having the park all to yourself! Eventually we waited for the nighttime show “Disney in the Stars” and we exited the park right after.

We had a burger in our Hotel Lounge and then our beds called us for a goodnight rest! But before that we had a little surprise, because of the lovely lady, we got an upgrade from standard room to a Premium Room, with view of the Sea and Hong Kong! We are happy!

Goodnight Pal, see you tomorrow morning at breakfast!

– Daniel