Disney Disney Disney Disney 


Hi there Pals,

So this morning we got up early because I had reserved a table at 9 o’clock with Chef Mickey. We had breakfast in our hotel with Mickey. Breakfast was goooood! The food was amazing, drinks were fine and the company even better.

At 10.30 we went to the parks to enjoy the park to the fullest, even tho we already did everything we wanted to do. Once arrived at Disney every single ride was a 5 minute wait which made everything go extremely quick! Amazing!

Chinese people are also very lazy so they don’t wait for a parade, 5 minutes before it starts the arrive and sit down and stay seated. Amazing people.

We saw the show: Mickey and the Wondrous book. It’s a combination of Mickey and the Magician and Mickey and the Magical Map. Amazing!

Below I’ll put some photos from our day because it’s not very interesting to talk about the attractions and such.

Tomorrow we have half parkday and then we leave to go back home. ☹️

We closed our day at the hotel restaurant with an amazing meal, yet again from Chef Mickey.

– Daniel

The Hong Kong Disneyland train station

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