Who am I?

cropped-CB33B08F-771F-4384-BD12-116990AD2306I am Daniel, 25 years old and I am currently working at Starbucks and trying to figure out what to do with my life. I speak a total of four languages, how I did that? My parents are Spanish, so Spanish (1), I have lived in the Netherlands all my life, so Dutch (2), I have lived in America for a year (you can read more about that here), English (3) and I lived in Paris for a year, French (4).

Life abroad.
How did I get to live in America and Paris? Well because it is possible. In 2012 I attended High School in Cold-Wisconsin for a year. I lived with an amazing host family that helped me understand the American way of life, it was the best year of my life (at least that’s what I thought). Back in 2017 I worked in the most magical place in the world: Disneyland Paris. That was my best year ever (until now). I was a marketing research specialist, just a fancy word for email collector and profile maker. I had great time, made friends for life and had enough Disney for the rest of my life. Who am I kidding, I’m still visiting every month.

I work at Starbucks in Rotterdam. I do this once a week (sometimes twice). I mostly do it for fun and because I really like the interaction with people.

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